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About the Buzz


About the Buzz

Envirolet® Buzz is a web site published by Sancor Industries Ltd., makers of the Envirolet® series of waterless and low water composting toilets.

The Envirolet® brand is the most innovative and technologically advanced composting toilet system available today. Envirolet® has been used worldwide since 1977.

Envirolet® Buzz was created as an informal forum for all things Envirolet. But, Buzz is more than Envirolet the product. For that, you can go to envirolet.com.

Buzz is a hub for ideas that share the spirit of Envirolet®. You don't have to use an Envirolet composting toilet, but you choose to because you want to make a difference. You want to use less or no water at all when you flush. A simple change that can make a big difference.

This attitude continues outside of the bathroom, where you spend most of your time! You want to reduce and recycle anywhere you can. Buzz will hopefully be able to give you some helpful ideas and suggestions. If you have any, be sure to send them to us!

We hope Buzz can be an inspiration to as many people live as responsibly as they can on a daily basis. It all starts with some discussion.

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