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Monday, March 28, 2005
Cottage & Cabin

Reminder of Cottage Life Show

Posted by Scott

Just a quick reminder that Envirolet® Composting Toilets will be on display at the 2005 Cottage Life Spring Show this weekend, April 1-3. The show is at the International Centre in Mississauga. Read the earlier post about the show for more details.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

World Water Day

Posted by Scott

World Water Day puts precious resource in spotlight

“A UN-backed International Decade for Water has kicked off with addresses, media-friendly demonstrations and awards aimed at drawing attention to the plight of the world’s most plentiful but most abused resource.

Placed under the banner ‘Water for Life,’ the decade seeks to lobby support for the United Nations’ Millennium Goals, which hope to halve the number of people without access to clean drinking water or sanitation by 2015.

Some 2.4 billion people have no toilets or sewers, and 1.1 billion do not even have drinkable water. Every day, an estimated 22,000 people, half of them children, die of diseases borne by polluted water, such as typhoid, cholera, malaria and diarrhoea.

In countries stricken by shortage, the start of the water decade — coinciding with the annual World Water Day — took on special significance.”

Via Yahoo! News.

Are composting toilets the solution? Composting toilets might not solve all of the world’s water problems, but they sure would help.

Envirolet® Waterless Toilets use no water at all. None. Hence the name! So using one means that you are no longer flushing valuable fresh drinking water down the drain.

2.4 billion people do not have toilets or sewers and 1.1 billion do not have drinkable water. A toilet, waterless or not, also provide dignity and self-respect to its user. The only other necessities that compare to sanitation in importance are food and shelter.

Envirolet® Systems provide sanitation and treatment at the source. This is important in North America and Scandanavia where composting toilets are used in high numbers in vacation homes and cottages as an eco-friendly alternative to septic.

But, this is even more important in the developing world where a compost toilet could be the solution. The only viable solution. Each village or individual home can have its own toilet system. This is truly a system — the users would use and maintain their own sanitation system. And because Envirolet® reduces and recycles waste up to 90% through a patented aeration system and produces compost as the end material, they are not harming their own environment or polluting their drinking water.

A good example of this was when we visited South Africa and installed an Envirolet® System in a small village. It was a great moment. They had never had a proper toilet before.

Composting toilets are a feasible solution that can give people the proper sanitation they need.

An Envirolet® can provide these people with a toilet that uses no water and requires no sewage system.

Don’t use this to flush your waste away!

The water saved can be used to help provide for the 1.1 billion who need it to drink. Imagine the problems if the 2.4 billion people without toilets are given toilets, but they are normal, flushing toilets. 2.4 billion people flushing a few times a day…that’s a lot more water wasted. It is essential that the problem be solved without water.

Sewer systems are expensive and take a long time to build. This is money that can be used elsewhere for other essentials like health care, education, etc. Composting toilet systems are, in comparison, inexpensive and install within hours or days. They are also environment-friendly, something a sewage plant is not.

Why isn’t it happening now? On a fairly small scale, it is happening. Composting toilets are being used in some under developed locations that need them. Groups like eekos or EcoWaters are working on various compost toilet installation projects. But why not in a larger scale? A UN size scale. Well, there are many that profit and benefit from the building and operation of sewage treatment facilities and not compost toilets. We really need the UN to step up and truly look at the best possible alternatives.

We’re trying to do our part with our Envirolet® line of composting toilets and with this web site. Another great site is Composting Toilet World, which Sancor took over when it needed funding. CTW is an advocate for the use of composting toilets worldwide.

Do your part and support the idea of composting toilets as a viable solution to the world’s water crisis! Tell others about Envirolet® Buzz or any other environment-friendly sanitation sites and resources.

The bottom line is do not use clean, drinkable water to flush waste away. Our old slogan back in 1977 was BAN THE FLUSH! Sadly, it is even more relevant today then it was then.

This is a topic that Buzz will definitely be examining again and again so keep coming back for more info.

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Monday, March 21, 2005
Cottage & Cabin

Speaking of Cottages

Posted by Scott

The all new allcottage web site will soon be unveiled.

Stay tuned!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Nice Cabin Pictures

Posted by Scott

An Envirolet® looks good in any cottage or cabin.

Via My Envirolet®.

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Friday, March 18, 2005
Green Gadgets

It's green, it's clean and it's, er, too quiet

Posted by Scott

The Green Machine: “As motorbikes go, it has a lot to boast about. It can reach 50mph in 12 seconds, produces no polluting emissions, and is as quiet as the low hum of a laptop computer.

But therein lies the problem. British engineers who yesterday unveiled the prototype of the world’s first hydrogen-powered motorbike confessed they were considering adding an artificial ‘vroom’ to the machine as they were worried its silence might be dangerous.

Known as ENV (Emissions Neutral Vehicle), the ‘fuel cell’ bike is almost entirely silent. Anti-noise campaigners welcomed the prospect of a motorbike without the usual earth-shattering roar. But Harry Bradbury, chief executive of the bike’s manufacturer, Intelligent Energy, said: ‘There has never been a silent bike produced, so no one is used to it. As it goes forward towards production, we’re going to give thought to some light noise modulation.’”

Via Guardian Unlimited via Attaboy.ca.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Forum Barcelona 2004

Posted by Scott

Now this is cool!

An Envirolet® in a cube?! Yes, we’re not kidding! Read on.

We are proud to announce that Envirolet® was displayed as part of the Cubes of Good Ideas project at Forum Barcelona 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.

Forum Barcelona examined the main social and cultural conflicts facing humanity in the 21st century through experimentation and reflection. The Forum was held during September 2004.

What are the Cubes of Good Ideas? The Cubes of Good Ideas are 2.5m cubed glass cube structures distributed around the Forum Barcelona site that are designed to showcase Forum values. Using a series of extraordinary objects, the cubes visually encapsulate the concepts developed in the exhibits staged in the Haima, in workshops and in the game activities and stores located on the Port terraces. Visitors can follow the 2km route marked out by the cubes to get a rapid overview of the Forum territory. From the Forum 2004 web site. Visit here for more info.

How did Envirolet® get involved? We were contacted by the Forum in 2002 regarding the exciting Cube project. They were looking for “good ideas” and we had one!

We chose to send an Envirolet® waterless self-contained model because it is an example of many good things!

What makes Envirolet® a “good idea?”

Lots of things! Envirolet® is:

• a complete composting toilet system
• environment-friendly
• self-contained
• 100% waterless
• economical
• clean & sanitary
• septic-free
• a cool looking product!

The Envirolet® Cube The Envirolet® Cube is located next to the Auditorium Park. Many people are seeing it because there are a lot of shows and performances in the park.

According to Forum representatives, the cubes have also attracted the attention of the numerous journalists covering Forum 2004 because they are interested in objects to do with ecology and the Envirolet® Cube is one of them!

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Friday, March 18, 2005
Cottage & Cabin

Cottage Life Show

Posted by Scott

Are you getting ready for cottage season? If you live in Canada, you probably are! Spring is almost here and that means cottage season is coming!

Be patient, cottage season is coming…

For our Canadian customers Envirolet® will be on display at the upcoming Cottage Life Spring Show, April 1-3.

Location: International Centre
6900 Airport Rd. @ Derry Rd.
Toronto, Ontario

Show Hours:
Friday, April 1: Noon - 9:30pm
Saturday, April 2: 9am - 7pm
Sunday, April 3: 10am - 6pm

Friday, March 18, 2005
Green Gadgets

Bike Tree

Posted by Scott

Bike Tree is an efficient solution to the chain-it-up parking approach favored by so many cities around thw world. Rather than locking your bike to a post at street level and crossing your fingers that it’ll be there when you return, simply swipe a smart card, enter your PIN, and your cycle is taken up the “trunk” of the tree to a dome that protects it from thieves and the elements. And the best part, it’s solar powered! Thanks to Tree Hugger for the tip.

Via Greenthinkers via Treehugger.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Space Age Enviro-House

Posted by Scott

Try This at Home! Ken P., an Envirolet® user in Alberta, Canada emailed us February 7, 2005 with some excellent pictures of his system installation. He has the popular Envirolet® DC12 (12v Battery) model with a 50W Solar Panel to keep the 12v battery charged. Additionally, the optional Envirolet® Turbo Fan is installed in the vent line.

‘Thanks for your good service and excellent product,’ he wrote!

This system was installed in a modern out-building for winter use. This ‘outhouse’ puts the traditional outhouse to shame! It’s cool looking, clean, spacious and has windows! Not to mention it has an advanced, environment-friendly, 12v Envirolet® Composting Toilet System in it! He called it the Space Age Outhouse, but we’re calling it the Space Age Enviro-House because using an Envirolet® is nothing like using an outhouse!

You can do the same or, like most do, put the system in the cottage or home!

Hopefully they’ll out up some blinds on the windows! Although, it looks like the trees will provide privacy!”

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Composting Toilets


Posted by Scott

The NEWTs are the Northumberland Eco Wild Team.

“The NEWTs, a teenage Wildlife Watch Group, are creating an environmental farm holiday to share their ideas for ‘going green’.


You’ll be able to stay at their eco-friendly farm cottage in rural North Northumberland and discover more about protecting the environment through the NEWTs’ work and research.”

The NEWTs are in the UK. Newt cottage is on Hunting Hall, a working farm 2 miles from the small village of Lowick in North Northumberland. The farm is surrounded by agricultural land and there are many public footpaths to help you explore the countryside. They want to Go Green make the cottage environment-friendly!

NEWT Cottage

Each NEWT chose an area of the cottage renovation to research. They looked at the environmental impact of conventional methods and searched for a greener alternative.

We spoke to Sarah, who contacted us via Composting Toilet World, about a composting toilet (of course!) for the cottage and provided some Envirolet® pictures and info for their site.

Envirolet® MS10

There is lots of great information about compost toilets on their site! And they plan to add a composting toilet to the cottage. Here is some of what they say about composting toilets:

Why use one? Ordinary flush toilets use a huge amount of water - the average family uses at least 100,000 litres of it a year through flushing. In a world where water is becoming increasingly precious, this obviously isn’t very environmentally friendly - water wasted on flushing may be taken from reservoirs and lakes that are home to animals and birds, or prevent such creatures, and humans, from having sufficient drinking, washing and cooking water (not that the animals will be doing much cooking!) Flush toilets also require sewage treatment plants, which destroy habitats as well as being extremely unsightly and smelly. Sewage is also a pollutant, severely affecting yet more water when it is pumped into the sea.

Compost toilets take us back to our roots - originally all human waste would decompose like this because flush toilets simply didn’t exist! They are especially useful in countries where water is scarce, as explained above, but they have many advantages over ordinary toilets in developed countries with water on hand. They don’t produce bad smells or harmful, polluting sewage, (which also avoids the need for sewage treatment plants); they turn a waste product into a valuable fertilising resource, and save money on plumbing!

Why do we want one in the NEWT cottage? A major purpose of the NEWT cottage is to educate the guests in the implementation of environmentally friendly objects and processes in their everyday lives. A compost toilet is a prime example of this. If just one guest goes home thinking it is worthwhile to make their own house a bit ‘greener’, then we will have done something valuable, and we are hoping to convince many more! The compost toilet will also hopefully be a fun novelty for the cottage, particularly with children, to show that helping the environment can be fun and interesting.”

We agree!

Others areas of concern for the NEWTs in order to “go green” include energy, paint, timber, floor coverings, and more.

They plan on having guests to the cottage. They say that “by inviting people to stay on a self-catering holiday in our finished cottage we hope to share the results of our green research and prove that you can enjoy a comfortable holiday without leaving behind a large environmental footprint.”

We wish them luck and are going to help out with anything more that we can! And hopefully we can make it there one day to see all the hard work they have done!

Thursday, March 17, 2005
Buzz Word

We moved...here!

Posted by Scott

Welcome followers of the Envirolet® Blog, which has been relocated to this site. We’ve gone from Blog to Buzz!

We’re excited about this new site! Be sure to sign up for the feed using your favourite RSS or feed reader.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Posted by Scott

Welcome to Envirolet® Buzz!

Envirolet® Buzz is the new source for Envirolet® news, info, etc.

What is Envirolet® Buzz? Unlike the old blog, this new site will not only discuss all things Envirolet®, but it will also examine and talk about other things that we think Envirolet® customers would be interested in!