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Friday, March 18, 2005

Forum Barcelona 2004

Now this is cool!

An Envirolet® in a cube?! Yes, we’re not kidding! Read on.

We are proud to announce that Envirolet® was displayed as part of the Cubes of Good Ideas project at Forum Barcelona 2004 in Barcelona, Spain.

Forum Barcelona examined the main social and cultural conflicts facing humanity in the 21st century through experimentation and reflection. The Forum was held during September 2004.

What are the Cubes of Good Ideas? The Cubes of Good Ideas are 2.5m cubed glass cube structures distributed around the Forum Barcelona site that are designed to showcase Forum values. Using a series of extraordinary objects, the cubes visually encapsulate the concepts developed in the exhibits staged in the Haima, in workshops and in the game activities and stores located on the Port terraces. Visitors can follow the 2km route marked out by the cubes to get a rapid overview of the Forum territory. From the Forum 2004 web site. Visit here for more info.

How did Envirolet® get involved? We were contacted by the Forum in 2002 regarding the exciting Cube project. They were looking for “good ideas” and we had one!

We chose to send an Envirolet® waterless self-contained model because it is an example of many good things!

What makes Envirolet® a “good idea?”

Lots of things! Envirolet® is:

• a complete composting toilet system
• environment-friendly
• self-contained
• 100% waterless
• economical
• clean & sanitary
• septic-free
• a cool looking product!

The Envirolet® Cube The Envirolet® Cube is located next to the Auditorium Park. Many people are seeing it because there are a lot of shows and performances in the park.

According to Forum representatives, the cubes have also attracted the attention of the numerous journalists covering Forum 2004 because they are interested in objects to do with ecology and the Envirolet® Cube is one of them!

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