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Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Toilets & Sanitation

Looking for a toilet?

If you’re going to Australia any time soon and need a public restroom, look no further than the The National Public Toilet Map. Hopefully, you have your PDA or laptop with you.

This is a entire site dedicated to helping you find a public toilet. You can enter in important requirements like your sex and if you need a wheelchair accessible restroom and it will point you to the closest toilet.

The site boasts that it has over 9000 registered toilets. Each has very detailed information. For example, toilets at the Australian National Botanic Gardens are for both sexes (of course) and are wheelchair accessible. They also feature:

• baby changing facilities • sharps disposal • water that is suitable for drinking • and more…

There is a lot more info such as the fact that this location is located at Lat -35.2783, Long 149.1088!