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Monday, April 4, 2005
Cottage & Cabin

The Show

Well, the 2005 Spring Cottage Life Show ended on Sunday. It was a long, long weekend, but well worth it!

We met many current customers and added lots of new Envirolet® customers! This was our most successful consumer show ever, even though overall show attendance was down slightly.

A lot of visitors reported that they only came to the show to see us. That is really great to hear. We love meeting you.

Kick the Tires A lot of customers come to see because they may have only seen Envirolet® on the web or in a catalog. They want to “kick the tires.” We welcome this, literally! Envirolet® Systems feature a Lifetime Warranty on the body so they can take it.

A Time to Compare The show allowed many customers who are still comparing models to see how durable and thick the Envirolet® system body is compared to others. There truly is a big difference.

Another major feature that comparison shoppers could see is the high air flow rate in Envirolet® Systems. We are more than willing to demonstrate you how powerful our dual fan operated systems are. The two powerful fans in Envirolet® 12v and 120v systems help circulate air in the system as part of our patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration process. They also prevent inside odors by creating a strong negative pressure in the toilet seat area. Ask others to show you the air draw in their systems.

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