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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Green Gadgets

Ban the Gas

Just a quick reminder of how you can make a big difference this summer.

Trade in that old gas lawn mower and get yourself a non-electric push reel mower. That’s right, get rid of the convenience and power of your gas guzzling mower and start using an old-fashioned push lawn mower.

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Why would you trade in the comforts of modern technology for a more simple approach? Well push mowers use no gas or electricity. That’s benefit numero uno. That means you aren’t burning fossil fuels to mow your lawn.

Here is a more detailed list of reasons to switch to push from envirolet.com:

  • In one hour of operation, a conventional gas lawn mower (two-stroke) pollutes as much as 40 new cars. Just imagine how much pollution is being created in a typical suburb on a summer weekend!

  • There is no gasoline spillage with a push mower because gas is not used! Lots of gas is spilled every day by those using gasoline mowers, which is dangerous, smelly and terrible for the environment.

  • Push lawn mowers are quiet. No noisy motors!

  • Push lawn mowers are easy & safe to use.

  • Push lawn mowers are inexpensive and you never have to buy gas or pay for electricity. Once you buy your mower you’re done.

One thing not on the list is that a push reel mower actually cuts your grass better. Instead of tearing the grass, like a gas mower does, it nicely snips the grass like a pair of scissors. Also, using a push mower is a great form of exercise.

You can get your mower from a number of places:

So, get your push mower for this summer and I bet you can convert all of your neighbours to go non-electric!