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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ecoist Bags

Want to be stylish and tread-lightly while doing it? Check out Ecoist handbags.

Ecoist handbags are made from recycled snack bags, candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels.


Huge amounts of excess materials are discarded worldwide due to printing defects or discontinued candy lines. The folks at Ecoist recycle these wasted materials by giving them a new life as a wonderful looking and useful bag.


Marisa Rey is the artist and designer behind the entire line of Ecoist handbags. Her inspiration came from her travels in Mexico and her interest in creating products from recycled materials.


The bags are available in purse or handbag style or in a basket and range in price from about $27 to $285 US. Each bag is a unique one-of-a-kind piece so if you see one you want you better get it right away or it might be gone!


As an eco-friendly bonus, they plant one tree for everybag purchased with the help of Global ReLeaf!

Learn more at ecoist.com.