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Sunday, May 1, 2005
Green Lifestyle

Organic Food For Beginners

Are you considering switching to organic foods? If so, check out this nice article about organic food from Chatelaine magazine. The article is presented in a very common sense manner that will help organic newbies get over common hurdles such as cost and if organic food really is better for you.

Here is a sample from Natural Selection by Diane Peters:

“I’m what you might call a lazy organic. I think organic food is better for me, but I can’t justify shelling out double for pesticide-free broccoli or buying frozen dinners that cost more than takeout. But I’m changing. I have a little guy at home in the high-chair stage and I pay a premium to ensure that his first foods contain fewer pesticides and antibiotics. Plus, my grocery store is making organic more affordable and available: organic baby food costs almost the same as regular, the organic produce section is growing daily, and I can pick up organic ice cream and tomato sauce at digestible prices. No wonder organic-food sales are jumping by 20 per cent every year.”