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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

From Outhouse To Tool Shed

Here are some nice pictures that tell a great story from an Envirolet® user in Missouri. They used to use an old-fashioned outhouse. Then they got their Envirolet® Composting Toilet System. (The comments from the customer are in quotes.)

“This is the cabin we have in Mark Twain National Forest, in Ste Genevieve County, Missouri.

I built it in 1965, on a pile of rock, [the] reason for installing your unit [was that there was] no way to put in a drain field for less than 20,000 bucks. We lived here for three months during the great flood of ‘93, the only sanitation at that time was a Johnny-on-the-Spot unit, we had no water or electric.”

And then they got an Envirolet®, which replaced the old outhouse (and temporary Johnny-on-the-Spot!).

The cabin

“This is the new nice clean no smell Envirolet by Sancor, really a super operation, we really like it.”

The Envirolet® inside the cabin

“My wife says this sure beats going to the old place during the ice and snow.”

The old outhouse converted to a tool shed

“[The outhouse] is 30 years old and now a tool shed.”

We apologize to outhouses everywhere! But, look out because Envirolet® is going to replace you!