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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Composting Toilets

Toolgirl Discovers the Miracle of Composting Toilets

There is a great story about Envirolet® over on the Toolgirl blog. Toolgirl is the blog home of Canadian actor/writer/tool-pro Mag Ruffman.


Mag Ruffman is a television producer, writer and actress. She spent seven years as “Olivia Dale” on Disney/CBC’s beloved Road to Avonlea, and five seasons as host, creator and producer of the fix-it classic A Repair to Remember (78 episodes) and the Gemini-nominated workshop series Anything I Can Do (52 episodes) which now airs worldwide.

Mag also writes for Home Envy. You can learn more about Mag and her current projects here.

On Toolgirl, Mag writes of the Miracle of Composting Toilets. We couldn’t agree more.

Mag writes:

“Lots of people are adding composting toilets to pool houses, remote cabins, workshops, garages, cottages and motor homes. A composting toilet is the ultimate solution when you want to put a bathroom in a spot that has any of the following issues:

1. No power
2. No sewer hook-up
3. No septic system
4. No plumbing
5. No water supply

As it happens, my future bathroom site (in our small barn where I’m building an office) has all of those issues. How lucky can one girl get?

In the old days the answer would have been an outhouse but there’s no way I’m using a kybo when it’s minus 35 outside. And I’m not spending $20,000 on a septic system either.

Salvation lies in composting toilet technology, which has been around since the Seventies (actually since 1000 B.C. if you count ancient composting pit toilets in India), but is only now becoming mainstream.”

Why Envirolet®?
Mag says that “I chose the Envirolet model over its competitors because it has a highly efficient aeration chamber, which means you don’t have to add peat moss to the toilet every time you poo, although that’s always a good conversation starter.”

She’s talking about the Envirolet® patented Automatic Six-Way Aeration System.


She opted for the Envirolet® Basic Plus, our non-electric waterless self-contained model. It will be used in her new writing barn.


We will be checking in with Mag regularily for updates and hope to get some pictures of her set-up. Be sure to check out her sites.