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Friday, June 24, 2005

"The Rabbit"

A customer in Louisiana sent us some nice pictures of his Envirolet® MS10 installation.


He told us that he is a very satisfied customer and that the visitors to the cabin (where the MS10 is) range from children to some “very old people” and everyone is very happy with the system.

This is no ordinary cabin. It is amazing looking. Great design. And check out the view!


He also emailed us the (extremely humourous) instructions he made and posted in the bathroom for guests! They call their Envirolet the Rabbit.

“Attached is a .doc file of the instructions we have on the unit for our visitors. We have not had to make any revisions since installation in 12/02, so apparently our directions have been clear enough.

Also attached are a few pictures of the building and a plan, showing where we parked the Rabbit.

[When I first read this I thought they were referring to their Airstream trailer as the Rabbit because of the parking reference!]

If you have any problems with the files, let me know.”



You can see the instructions on the Envirolet® in the picture above. Read them below:


The Rabbit

The ergonomically efficient plastic box before you (“the Rabbit” to friends and users) is an indoor outhouse.

Directions (the Eight Step Method):

1. Relax…Lock the door… Don’t mess with the fan switches… Let anxiety slip away…
2. Move the grey lid¤ (either way) with the lever located off to the right (VERY IMPORTANT) and inspect the dungheap¥ (chaos).
3. Do whatever business and contribute to the ecosystem.
4. Use the really thin tissue for personal hygiene and grey bowl clean-up (antibacterial soap is close-by at the sink)
5. Inspect the dungheap (still chaos, even for royalty and the anointed)
6. FEED THE RABBIT with about ¼ cup of peat moss from the spiffy galvanized can (1/4 cup will not cover much)
7. Replace the grey lid over the dungheap (VERY IMPORTANT)
8. Relax—guilt-free… Don’t mess with the fan switches… Let anxiety drift away… Unlock the door…Rejoin civilization.

Frequently asked questions:
What can go wrong?
Not much. The Rabbit is an indoor outhouse with one moving part. Just be alert to the grey lid.

The Proprietors.


¤ The grey lid is what we call the Trap.
¥ We would probably use a different word, but oh well!

The View

Peeking around the corner

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