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Monday, June 27, 2005
Composting Toilets

BLOOLOO the Pool Side Toilet

Do you have a swimming pool?

Is there a trail of water in your house from swimmers running in to use the bathroom while still soaking wet!?

BLOOLOO by Sancor is the answer! BLOOLOO is the pool side toilet for your pool cabana or change room. Now you can keep the swimmers outside!

BLOOLOO is waterless, all-in-one and is environment-friendly. BLOOLOO uses Envirolet® technology to reduce & recycle waste into a clean, dry compost material. For normal summer swimming season, BLOOLOO will only have to be emptied once per season.


BLOOLOO will officially be out soon, but you can get a sneak peek with these images below.

BLOOLOO in the cabana

BLOOLOO in the cabana

Look for it soon! Of course, BLOOLOO is available in a cool blue colour!