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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

University of Colorado using Envirolet Composting Toilet System

We briefly mentioned this before on Buzz, but here is more information and photos.

The University of Colorado Solar Decathalon Team is installing an Envirolet® Waterless Remote System (12VDC) in their solar house for the 2005 Solar Decathalon Competition. The University of Colorado are the defending champions from 2002. The competition happens every three years.


What’s the competition about?
“Recognizing the impact of building energy use on national energy and global environmental issues, the Department of Energy and its public and private partners joined to sponsor the first Solar Decathlon in 2002. The event is a national competition among University student teams to design, build, and operate a small home office building powered solely by solar energy. Due to the overwhelming success of the first competition, DOE and NREL are again sponsoring the Solar Decathlon in 2005.” (From the University of Colorado Solar Team web site.)

What’s the University of Colorado plan?
More from the CU:

“The University of Colorado at Boulder Colleges of Architecture & Planning and Engineering & Applied Science have once again joined forces to compete in the 2005 Solar Decathlon Competition. The CU Team is commited to defending its 1st place trophy from the 2002 competition by returning to the National Mall with a compelling new design. This home will again demonstrate the viability of environmentally-conscious and energy-efficient solutions for today’s American lifestyle.”

The Team

Going to the Mall
In the fall, the solar house will be on display at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Part of the competiton dicates that the house must be able to be installed locally, disassembled and then quickly re-assemebled at the Mall!

Under Construction
The house is still being built in Colorado as we speak. Construction is underway in the parking lot of the Louisville, CO Home Depot (map). They have not installed the Envirolet® yet, but we will keep you posted with some photos. And, we’ll let you know when you can go and see it in person.

Public unveiling of the CU Solar House

Design Philosophy
Some more about the actual house from CU and their design philosophy:

“The overall design philosophy of the CU Team is to present to the public a home with broad market appeal that demonstrates the synergy of integrated architectural and engineering designs. The CU Team seeks to achieve these goals in the 2005 Home through:

• repeatable, adaptable, and easy-to-construct solar home design,
• functionality that accommodates a wide range of lifestyles and users,


• cost-effective integration of design and technology.

The CU Home design and key features are developing based on strategies of balancing architectural concepts and aesthetics with engineering goals. Building upon the many lessons learned from the 2002 Competition, the CU Team has established Natural Materials, Modularity, Accessibility, Innovation, and Energy Efficiency as the Five Primary Design Goals.”

What’s It Look Like?
Below is a sneak peak at what the house will look like. It’s pretty cool looking! I think those must be wheels so they can transport it easily from Colorado to DC.

The House. Just add Envirolet®.

Working with the Team has been a great experience for everyone here at Envirolet® and Sancor™. We wish them luck in the competition! We know they will be repeat champions!

We will definately have more on the University of Colorado Solar House project soon.