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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Composting Toilets

The HELP house to the Rescue

The HELP house is a basic 8’ x 12’ housing solution designed to help in emergency situations, such as the recent hurricanes in the United States. H.E.L.P. stands for Housing Every Last Person.

From the HELP web site:

“HELP is a prototype for immediate-response emergency housing that can be quickly assembled and transported wherever the need arises. Construction is of readily available panelized material allowing for a quick, low-cost housing solution.

It is designed to respond to varying existing conditions, such as access to or lack of running water, sewer, and electricity. It can operate in a self-sufficient manner, through the use of a gravity-fed water system, composting toilet, and solar power, and then switch over to the area’s infrastructure as it is rebuilt and made available.”

Unforntuantely, the designers are having trouble getting their design in to use. They cannot seem to get FEMA to look at their design.

That’s too bad because the HELP house is affordable (about $8,000) and uses sustainable technology (solar power, composting toilets and more!). If used in an emergency application, the house can be re-located when it is no longer needed, i.e., to the next emergency.


[Via Composting Toilet World]