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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"More use out of our trailer."

Tom and Pat S. in Pennsylvania sent us some photos and a detailed testimonial about their Envirolet® MS10 that they purchased in 1999 for use in a converted office trailer. Talk about a great way to recycle something!

“We purchased our Envirolet waterless self-contained toilet in October 1999 to use in an office trailer. We had purchased the office trailer used and put it on our property to use as hunting cabin.

Regulations in the area required we have a sanitary method to dispose of human waste since we have no running water on property this was a problem.

We found infomation on your toilet on the internet and after checking with the DER found it met zoning requirements in an area where there is no running water.

The toilet was easy to install, a pleasure to use and requires little or no maintainence and is attractive to look at.

Its biggest selling factor is that it is odor-free. Since we do not use the toilet daily we only use the heater and fan while we are in residence. This can be as little as hours or up to a week at a time. We use your compost accelerator kit and regular peat moss to cover waste. By using the heater feature it not only drys out waste but has the added advantage of keeping the seat nice and warm on cold winter days.

This toilet has enabled our whole family to get more use out of our trailer.

If you need additional info please contact us.”

Tom and Pat S.

Thanks for the wonderful comments and photos! Follow the link below to see more photos.

Vent and plug

Vent going through roof

The converted office trailer

The V Rain Cap