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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Envirolet Waterless Remote System in "Composting Outhouse"

Here is a great photo and great comments about an Envirolet Waterless Remote System that is installed in a “Composting Outhouse” in Wisconsin sent to us by Ted G.


“Hello, I built an outhouse for a customer. It is all cedar and is the best looking outhouse I have ever seen. I installed one of your units in it, and it is working great. if you want to see pictures of it, or if any of your clients want to see a real life working model I have a web page with pictures.”

From their web site:
This composting outhouse was built in the summer of 2005 in the Bayfield area. It features an Envirolet composting toilet. This cozy outhouse is 6’ x 6’ with a 4’ deck on the front of it. It is constructed with all cedar siding and interior paneling.

The Envirolet requires 12 volt power to run a small venting fan. The Outhouse also has 12 volt interior and exterior lights, with the possibility of adding a solar panel in the future for battery recharging.

They are in Wisconsin.

More photos on their web site.