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Thursday, January 26, 2006

"...ten of my neighbors have installed the same system that I have."

This is a wonderful letter we received from a satisfied Envirolet® user in Rhode Island on January 23, 2006. His Envirolet® gave him an additional two months use of his beach front property!

“For the past 50 years I have been spending my summers in Rhode Island. The 370 houses in the beach area all use well water so septic systems are not allowed. Therefore, your summers are limited to May 15 to October 15, when the public bathrooms are open at the beach.

In April 2001 I knocked down my old summer house and built a new one. At that time I was told of the Envirolet Waterless Composting Toilet system, and after doing some research I thought this would be good system because of the restrictions we have, and we designed the house to accommodate the system.

Since that time approximately ten of my neighbors have installed the same system that I have.

The Waterless Toilet in the bathroom.

After putting in the starter kit, I then add one cup of peat per day, the composting accelerator once a week and I use the rake every three days. At the end of the season I let the heater/fan run for two weeks and then turn it off for the winter. In the spring I clean out the holding tank and install a new starter kit.

Thanks to the Envirolet Toilet I no longer have to depend on the public bathrooms at the beach. My season of sitting by the ocean front went from April 15 to November 13 this past year.

I would, and I have, recommended this system to anyone living in an area similar to this. It may sound strange to someone that is not from here, but people that are planning to rebuild their summer homes will stop over, just to see my toilet.”

Paul A.
Rhode Island

The Waterless Toilet in the bathroom.

The Envirolet Waterless Remote System (composting unit).

Protection for the Envirolet Waterless Remote System
(composting unit).

Thanks Paul for the photos and testimonial!

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