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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

"We love it."

Ellen and Jim sent us a couple of photos and kind words about their Envirolet® Waterless Remote System with a Green Granite Waterless Toilet.

“Hi there,

My name is Ellen S.

My husband and I have a summer beach cottage in RI. We installed one of the green granite waterless toilets in our beach house last April and we love it.

Some of our neighbors installed the white one but my husband wanted to be different so we purchased one of the colors that you sell. I’m glad we did, I like green granite color.

Envirolet Waterless Toilet

Envirolet Waterless Toilet

There is no septic system and we have well water. There are public bathrooms at the beach we can use but they are only open from May 15 to Oct 15 so by us installing our new Envirolet toilet we were able to stay at the beach from April to December and enjoy using our new bathroom with our own toilet.”

Thank you,
Ellen & Jim S

Here is a closer look at what the Green Granite Waterless Toilet looks like:


It sounds like Ellen and Jim might be one of the neighbors mentioned previously on Buzz!

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