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Monday, March 13, 2006

"We LOVE our Envirolet."

Lorna N. of Bend, Oregon sent us these impressive photos and comments on March 12, 2006 about her non-electric Envirolet® Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System (installed July, 2002) in her beautiful cabin.


“We LOVE our Envirolet.

We have an off grid cabin and installed an Envirolet toilet and have been so pleased with the effectiveness of the system. We had some questions at first and the knowledgable staff were extremely helpful and patient with my questions. Thank you Envirolet.

We wish the governments would recognize these toilets as alternatives to sewer and septic systems.”

Lorna N.
Bend, Oregon


Thanks, Lorna! Testimonials like yours definately help spread the word about Envirolet® to individual consumers and government agencies. The system you are using, the Envirolet® WRS NE (waterless and non-electric model) is a perfect example of how to save water and energy! Your photo also shows that a composting toilet can look as nice (or better!) than a “regular” flush toilet in the bathroom.

One way others can help, other than installing their own system of course, is to link to this page or send the link to others, including the local authorities. Let’s spread the word and Ban the Flush!

Be sure to send us your Envirolet® comments!