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Thursday, March 23, 2006

"It has worked great for 4 seasons!"

Brian W. of Warren, Rhode Island sent Buzz some great comments and photos about the Envirolet® Waterless Remote System (120VAC) he has installed in his cabin in Vermont. The system has been in use for the past 4 seasons.

“Hey There Envirolet!

Spring Time is here time to clean out the unit and put in a new start-up kit. I saw your offer there on the page for a new start up kit in exchange for a few shots of our installed toilet system.

We have been incredibly happy with our Electric Remote Waterless System. It’s been the perfect fit for our cabin up in the mountains of Vermont. It has worked great for 4 seasons! The wind turbine and venting fan on the unit have been excellent and worked great.”

Brian W.
Warren, RI

Waterless Toilet
Envirolet® Waterless Toilet

Envirolet® Waterless Remote System

Wind Turbine

The photos that Brian sent are really awesome! They show you the main elements of a typical installation: the toilet, the composting unit and the vent system. When you look at the photos you can also see some clear features of Envirolet® that others do not have.

The Envirolet® Waterless Toilet is clearly the most aesthetically pleasing waterless toilet on the market. Compare to others and you will agree. They went with white, still the most popular color, but the Waterless Toilet comes in a variety of colors to match your bathroom.

Our composting unit (the black tank below the cabin) is connected to the Waterless Toilet with a durable flexible 8” drain connection. Being flex drain is important because it allows for movement of the system during climate changes. Combined with the Envirolet® System body that is made from rugged polyethylene and you have one tough unit (that comes with a Lifetime Warranty!). These features are especially important in colder climates like Vermont (not to mention Alaska, the rest of the northern States and Canada where many of our systems are installed).

The Wind Turbine. Only Envirolet® even offers a Wind Turbine. In fact, it is included standard with most models. The Wind Turbine really helps with the air-flow in the system and is the only “power” source in Non-Electric models.

There you go. A few Envirolet® features. Read more features here or call our experienced customer service team to speak to a live person. Call 1-800-387-5126 in the US, 1-800-387-5245 in Canada or 416-299-4818 from international locations.

Brian took advantage of our special offer for a free Starter Kit or Compost Acclerator. Why not send us your photos and comments too! Send to buzz@enviroletbuzz.com.