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Monday, April 10, 2006

New Remote System Tank Colors!

We know our customers love choice. That’s why we’ve added two new options!

The composting unit for Envirolet® Waterless and Low Water Remote Systems are now available in two new colors. In addition to the standard Black you can now get them in Grey Granite and Sandstone Granite.

The photo below shows the tank in Grey Granite. This photo was taken at the recent Cottage Life Show in Toronto.

Waterless Remote Tank Grey Granite

The new colors are to offer more choice. But, they also make a unit that blends in with nature a little more than the standard Black. This is important because these units are usually installed outside and may be visible.

Most who see the Grey Granite think it looks like a rock, which is fitting considering the strength of our units. The Sandstone Granite looks like sand, of course!

Let us know your comments on the new colors and if you have any new color ideas we’d love to hear them too.