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Monday, April 17, 2006

"Boy, am I happy with my composting toilet."

George S. in Groton, New York kindly sent us his enthusiastic comments and photos today about his Envirolet® System. George has a Waterless Remote System (120VAC Electric).


Boy, am I happy with my composting toilet. I called your toll free number and explained my potential usage to a product contact. She recommended I buy the waterless remote 120V unit for my recreational camp that does not have water. My wife and I have 4 grown children as well as knowing we would have friends visit our camp.

We have used the toilet almost every weekend with a couple of weeks vacation since I installed it almost 7 months ago. I finally checked the emptying tray at 6 months and it was almost full, so I dumped it into the woods, done deal! Not bad for all the use we have.

By the way, out of the 6 in my immediate family 4 are women. They are quite happy that I didn’t build an outhouse!

Thanks for a well designed convenient way of composting this waste and feel free to use my testimonial.

I’ve included a couple of pictures because I am running out of accelerator. Thanks in advance for sending my free one!”

George S.
Groton, NY



The Envirolet® Waterless Remote System is ideal when you have the space to fit it. You need a minimu of 30” of space below the bathroom floor to fit. The composting tank goes below with the Waterless Toilet in the bathroom.

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