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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"They are certainly less hassle than any other sort of boat toilet."

Alan T. in the UK, who has an Envirolet® composting toilet system on his narrowboat, wrote to the extraordinary narrowboat blog site Granny Buttons about his system.

“We have had an Envirolet composting toilet for almost two years and are very happy with it. They are certainly less hassle than any other sort of boat toilet.

We don’t live on our boat but we do use it for several weeks and lots of weekends each year. We haven’t had to empty it yet although we may need to fairly soon.

They are quite large and would be difficult to retrofit in many boats. The fan runs all the time and can be a bit irritating sometimes.

I bought the toilet direct from Envirolet in Canada. I fitted it myself, very simple, just cut a hole in the roof and provide power.

“The fan has two settings; it is turned down at night but it’s still a bit noisy, though to be fair this is partly my fault. It should have a wind turbine thing on top of the flue outside, it’s quieter with this on, for some reason.”

This helps explain any fan noise he has!:

“But I misjudged the height of a tunnel last summer and knocked the thing off into the canal. Not got round to replacing it yet.”

Great comments, Alan. But, watch out for those tunnels!

Seriously though, when Alan hit the tunnel and lost his wind turbine, he may have agitated the entire vent pipe from the force of the hit. This could have broken some of the silicone seal and could be causing a rattling in the vent, hence the noise. Alan needs to check the vent line and re-caulk.

He is also correct when he says the fans seem quieter when the turbine is connected. The fans on a system are normally pretty quiet. Another reason for a noisy fan can be if something (like a twig) is caught in it. Most fan issues can be easily remedied. If the issue continues, he should contact us to discuss further and replace the fans (under warranty) if required.

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