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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"The toilet has done great in spite of the cold winter temperatures."

Debbie sent us a great photo of her “beary beautiful” (she came up with that - click on the photo for a larger view to see why it’s “beary!”) bathroom in Virginia. Her Envirolet® MS10 in green granite (wsith Oak Seat) looks awesome too!

“I would love to share the bathroom we’ve been working on at our tiny cabin in the VA mountains. We bought the Envirolet composting toilet last fall and installed it in an unfinished room.

The rest of the cabin is unfinished, but this winter we did some work on the bathroom because I’m just so pleased to have it! The toilet has done great in spite of the cold winter temperatures, there’s been no odor, and it sure has beat the heck out of trying to put in a septic system. Since we have no running water the current “bathtub” is just a big plastic storage bin… whatever works, you know?

Others that live in the area have been watching our progress and are fascinated with the concept of a composting toilet - a couple of them may be contacting you one day to buy their own.”

Debbie R.


Thanks for the comments, Debbie! And, a good percentage of Envirolet® sales are a result of a referral from one friend (or family memeber) to another. There is no better referral. This is why we created our Refer-A-Friend program to reward people like Debbie (with cold cash!) who direct customers to us so they can start saving water too! Learn more here.

Why not send us your Envirolet® installation photos too!