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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Envirolet with a gazebo on top!

Here’s a quick follow-up to a previous post about Debbie in Virginia.

I emailed Debbie to thank her for sending her photos and she replied with another great photo. This one is of her unique cabin that is still being built.

“Scott, thanks - I enjoy looking through the web site and seeing what others are doing. I’ll attach another photo to this just for giggles… in it you can see our cabin in progress, and the 8’ X 8’ side addition for the bathroom. I bet I’ve got the only Envirolet that has a gazebo on top! We ran the vent pipe up to the top of the gazebo so it draws really well.”


Click on the photo or here for a larger view. Then look on the right hand side of the gazebo and you should be able to see the vent pipe (white) for Debbie’s Envirolet® MS10.