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Saturday, June 3, 2006
Composting Toilets

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A nice little story in the The New York Times about sustainable second homes.

Second Homes That Put Ecology First
“Vacation homes have been sprouting throughout North America for 150 years or more. Now, these sprouts are becoming increasingly green, as a combination of good intentions, guilt and the quest for bragging rights spur owners of second homes to go green. Deterred by costs or logistics from retrofitting their primary homes, many are instead funneling their newfound eco-consciousness into their retreats. The shades of green range from using recycled materials in mountain hideaways to planning beach homes that sell power back to the electric company.

“We’re getting people doing million-dollar houses with composting toilets,” said John Abrams of South Mountain Company in Martha’s Vineyard, which designs and builds solar-paneled and salvaged-lumber second homes on an island that is sometimes better known for its sprawling energy-suckers.”

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