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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Texas Pool House with Envirolet

Jim & Cheryl answered the Buzz call for pool cabana installation photos and sent in some photos and comments about their Envirolet® Waterless Remote System that is installed in their pool house in Central Texas.

“Three years ago, we built the most beautiful and natural swimming pool in Central Texas. This has been confirmed by a fully biased poll of our family.

However, one problem existed. It was too far from a restroom facility. Miss Cheryl said, ‘I need something closer than the other side of the house.’ So, we went through the decision making process of what to do. Suggestions went from a shed to a full size pool house tailored along the lines of the Big House. Finally we decided on a Park Home. We had already decided that we would get a composting toilet vs. a septic tank. (We have a lot of rocks.)

When the trailer home was delivered two years ago, we discovered we had room for a remote unit under the pool house. With the help of two friends (one of whom thank goodness had technical know-how) and four hours, we installed the Enviorlet toilet and rerouted the other water to provide greywater on the grounds. It has been great for surges when the cousins came for a couple of days and five of them stayed in the pool house and when youngest son stayed a month before heading off to grad school. Now it stands ready as pool house, dog house (for me), and second bedroom for drop in visitors.

Great product!

Jim & Cheryl
Central Texas





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