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Monday, September 11, 2006

"We love our Envirolet installation!"

A big thanks to carol & Sid for sending in their comments and photos. They have an Envirolet® MS10 installed in their beautiful cabin in Wisconsin.


We are building our little stone cabin in the woods of Wisconsin this year, and we love our Envirolet installation!

Building codes required us to have a large conventional septic system built, but we chose to put in the Envirolet anyway, and we are very happy with our choice.

The extra white PVC pipe* coming in at a diagonal from the floor in the photo is a sewer gas outlet for the gray water from the system, although we may not have needed it. All that goes down the drain into the septic tank and drain field is shower and sink water. The best use of the septic mound construction has been the garden space it provides where we have some beautiful wild flowers in bloom this summer!

We emptied our Envirolet for the first time last week, after 4 months of continuous residential use by 2 people, and it went relatively smoothly. The compost that fell into the tray was nice and dry and pleasant smelling for dumping out in the compost pile.

Thank you and best wishes to everyone,”

Carol and Sid


*Note: It is very important to check with us before making any modifications to the system to ensure proper performance.


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