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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"All of our neighbours think it's great and are using us as the guinea pig..."

Brian in Alberta was kind enough to send some comments and photos of his great Envirolet® Waterless Remote System installation.


We have a lake cottage on Skeleton Lake in Northern Alberta. Our summer village council recently passed a by-law prohibiting outhouses so we had to find an alternative for our beloved privy. I did some research on composting toilets and decided to purchase an Envirolet 12 volt waterless composting toilet. We have a valley on one side of our property and I decided to dig out a spot for the composter and build a building above it for the toilet - sort of like a walk out basement concept.

From our cottage you walk in the front of the toilet building and you wouldn’t even know the lower storey (basement) is there. From the back side you can see the two stories. For the lower level we just dug out the hill, put down cement sidewalk blocks for a floor and built three walls out of pressure treated 4x6 landscaping timbers. We then built a door on the lower level so we could access the composter.

The upper level is stick-framed and we put down linoleum flooring, installed a 12 volt light for night time use and fans to blow cool air in on hot days and put panelling on the walls. We have a cabinet to hold tp etc., and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on top of it for waterless washing up. For a ceiling we used corrugated clear fibreglass roofing (Filon). We installed two 10 amp solar panels inside the building under the clear roof and framed them in so you don’t even see the solar panels. The ‘basement’ houses the 12 volt battery. Building the structure and landscaping around it was done over the course of 8 weekends in the summer. Installing the composter and toilet only took a couple of hours.

We’re extremely happy with it and can’t believe how odourless it is. All of our neighbours think it’s great and are using us as the guinea pig to test it out for a season before they buy one.

Here’s some pictures of our new deluxe outhouse.”

Brian C.
Edmonton, Alberta



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