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Monday, September 25, 2006

"I really like the convenience of having a restroom indoors..."

RJ in Vermont sent some wonderful photos and comments about his Envirolet® Basic Plus System (waterless, non-electric) installed in his Vermont cabin. Looks like a greaty set-up!

“Dear Envirolet,

I built a new hunting cabin last year and after looking at all of my options for toilet facilities, I purchased and installed an Envirolet Basic Plus composting toilet. I do have electricity, but decided to go with the non-electric version because I leave the cabin unattended for weeks at a time. There is usually only 2 of us that go there and sometimes 3. I added a 4” step up platform so that the seat height is the same as my home toilet for my shorter legged guests.

After having it for the last year, I really like the convenience of having a restroom indoors, especially during the cold winter months. I attached a few pics of my Envirolet installation and a pic of my cabin.

Thanks for a great product!

Milton, Vermont




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