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Thursday, November 30, 2006

"We have been EXTREMELY pleased with our Envirolet system!"

Some happy customers in Texas sent us some wonderful comments and photos of their Envirolet® MS10 composting toilet system installation.

“Dear Buzz ~

Two years ago we purchased a small cabin on Possum Kingdom Lake in North Texas. It doesn’t have any running water, but we figured we had been campers all our lives, so we didn’t really have a problem venturing out into the woods - even late at night or in the COLD of winter! Well, after a year of pitch dark, sometimes freezing cold nights trying to find “our spots” in the woods, and in the interest of safety (we do hear coyotes and we have seen rattlesnakes) and overall environmental concerns and hygiene, we decided it was time to step up to an indoor “throne”!

After months of searching the Internet, and debating with ourselves if we were willing to go the $10K route of installing a septic system, or if we even wanted consider building an outhouse (yes, we found plans for building several different styles of outhouses!), we found your product! We were VERY impressed (although somewhat skeptical about the smell, since it would be in the one large closet in the house), and we decided to purchase ourselves a much needed Christmas gift! Now we sit back and laugh at that first year wondering “What were we thinking?!?!?”

We have been EXTREMELY pleased with our Envirolet system! It was VERY easy to install (although my husband did bend a few blades on his reciprocating saw trying to cut the perfect hole in our A-Frame roof). And we’ve had more friends willing to come visit us at the lake now that they don’t have to “go in the woods”! And now we joke about how the “closet” is the best smelling room in the house!

Thank you for helping us “come in out of the cold” and giving our little piece of paradise a much needed upgrade.”

K. & C. C.





Thanks for the comments! Sorry about the saw!

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