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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Buzz Word

Envirolet on YouTube

Posted by Scott

The Envirolet Composting Toilet video has been up on Google Video for a while, but now you can watch it on YouTube. Here is part one (4 minutes long):

Thursday, January 25, 2007
Buzz Word

Hugg Envirolet Today

Posted by Scott

Give Envirolet a Hugg today… Our story about the Envirolet MS10 in the stage play is up for Huggs.

Hugg is a cool eco-blog that compiles some of the top environmental news of the day. Users can “Hugg” their favourites. Hugg was previously mentioned on Buzz.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Envirolet in Stage Production of "The War Next Door"

Posted by Scott

Limelight is truly Green

Updated… see photo.

An Envirolet Composting Toilet System will be appearing in the stage production of The War Next Door, a new play by Tamsin Oglesby.

The Envirolet (MS10 model) will of course be playing the part of the “eco loo” featured in the performance.

The War Next Door The play runs February 1 to March 3, 2007 at The Tricycle Theatre in London for approximately 30 shows. So, if you are in London check it out and let us know what you think.

The War Next Door Synopsis:

Sophie and Max are a thoroughly modern British couple, cosmopolitan, open-minded. They’ve even constructed their own eco loo (well, it does save thirty litres of water a day).

Then there’s Hana and Ali next door. Neighbours, but in every other sense, a world apart. Max is a lawyer, albeit a lawyer who grows his own dope. Okay, what a man does on his own patch is his business – but when war starts raging next door, whose business is that? If ever there was a time for liberal intervention, this is surely it.

Tamsin Oglesby’s black comedy takes a humorous and subversive look at the world we live in today – one of multi-culturalism and blurred boundaries. And one in which violence is right on our own doorstep – no matter where we come from.

Her previous plays include Only the Lonely (Birmingham Repertory Theatre), Us and Them, My Best Friend (Hampstead Theatre) and Two Lips Indifferent Red (Bush Theatre).


The War Next Door
A new play by Tamsin Oglesby
Director: Nicholas Kent
Cast: Lorraine Burroughs, Jonathan Coyne, David Michaels, Sonny Muslim and Badria Timimi.
Designer: Libby Watson
Sound by: Adam Cork
Dates: 1 Feb - 3 March
Theatre: The Tricycle Theatre
Capacity: 240

Times & Prices
• Mon 8pm & midweek mats* 2pm £8.50
• Tues/Wed 8pm & Sat mats 4pm £13
• Thurs/Fri 8pm £15
• Sat 8pm £18
* Midweek mats 14 & 28 Feb

Visit http://www.tricycle.co.uk for more info or contact:

The Tricycle Theatre
269 Kilburn High Road, London, NW6 7JR
020 7328 1000

Look for a follow-up post with some more photos of the Envirolet on stage.

Monday, January 22, 2007
Buzz Word

1/10 the Cost

Posted by Scott

Compared to septic tank systems, Envirolet® is less expensive and leaves a much smaller footprint on the land. In a recent catalog request someone commented:

“Received a quote of $15,000 for new septic, which also means loss of several mature trees around house…am looking for alternatives.”

We know Envirolet® Composting Toilet System can provide an eco-friendly sanitation solution at about a tenth the cost!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bayfield Builders Outhouse Update

Posted by Scott

A quick update about an Envirolet® installation we reported on about a year ago. This installation features an Envirolet® Waterless Remote System in an “outhouse.” A very nice looking outhouse!

Ted from Bayfield Builders posted on Greenthinkers:

“I built this outhouse two years ago and it is still working great for the client. I never knew that there was such a market for these composting units till I put the pictures of it on the internet. Since then I have received many emails from people who either want them build for them, or who just have questions in general about how to build outhouses. I have received so many emails wanting to know dimensions that I have drawn up some make shift blue prints that I send to people who want to build their own. If anyone wants these prints or has questions in general, I would be happy to help.”

Adding an Envirolet® to an out-building like this is a great idea if you have limited space or want a bathroom for guests or in multi-cottage locations.

Contact Ted at Bayfield Builders for questions, ideas and help.