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Monday, January 15, 2007

Bayfield Builders Outhouse Update

A quick update about an Envirolet® installation we reported on about a year ago. This installation features an Envirolet® Waterless Remote System in an “outhouse.” A very nice looking outhouse!

Ted from Bayfield Builders posted on Greenthinkers:

“I built this outhouse two years ago and it is still working great for the client. I never knew that there was such a market for these composting units till I put the pictures of it on the internet. Since then I have received many emails from people who either want them build for them, or who just have questions in general about how to build outhouses. I have received so many emails wanting to know dimensions that I have drawn up some make shift blue prints that I send to people who want to build their own. If anyone wants these prints or has questions in general, I would be happy to help.”

Adding an Envirolet® to an out-building like this is a great idea if you have limited space or want a bathroom for guests or in multi-cottage locations.

Contact Ted at Bayfield Builders for questions, ideas and help.