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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy BC Customer with 7 Year Old Low Water System

Thanks to Dorothy R. in Grand Forks, BC who sent us some wonderful photos and comments about her 7 year old Envirolet Low Water Remote System. The system is installed in her Spokane, WA cabin.

“We have had our Envirolet for about seven years now.

This is the little house we built for around the cooker part of our toilet.

Envirolet Low Water System

Envirolet Low Water System

We are nine miles into the bush so having a septic dug was not an alternative. We have a cabin in the Spokane/Deer Park area, so we tried to keep as green as we could get without giving up comfort of our own toilet.

Below is the toilet installed in our bathroom, and the little guy next to it is at our functioning urinal. We are conserving water with the urinal as well as with the low water Envirolet we have.

Envirolet Low Water in bathroom

This was the best decision we could have possibly made for our needs. We have had one close neighbour (also a Canadian) who purchased one also, and they too are happy. We have had much interest in our toilet as septic is a bit of an expensive option for our location.

Thanks Envirolet.”

Happy Customer,
Dorothy R.
British Columbia

Thanks for the comments, Dorothy! We really appreciated receiving them.

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