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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Escape Artist Loves His Envirolet

Escape Artist Great Norman Bigelow sent us a great letter (by mail) about how happy he is with our company (especially Anna!) and his Envirolet MS10 composting toilet (purchased in 2003).

Bigelow was known for many acts including Trial by Fire, Straitjacket Escape and The Doors of Death.

“Although he is now retired, Norm Bigelow performed for years as one of America’s leading escape artists. His unique style was avant garde and revolutionary, breathing fresh life into a field that was worn out from its Vaudeville heyday.”
From Escapologist.net.


The letter reads:

“Dear Anna,

Here is the letter I promised. You and everyone at Sancor Industries are wonderful to deal with and many in business could learn from you.

Anna you should consider a college lecture tour, speaking on public relations. College students would love you. Also you would make a great deal of money and spread the product name all over the country.

Thank you all for the great service and product.”

Norman Bigelow

Very cool! Thanks for the letter! We really appreciate it and it was fun looking at all the photos!

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