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Friday, March 23, 2007

Envirolet Saving Water in Oregon

“To say we are happy is the understatement of the century!”

Gail and family sent some very nice comments about their Envirolet composting toilet system installed in Oregon. Photos are coming!

“Aloha! We recently purchased an Envirolet from you folks for our kids apartment and our shop. After living in Hawai’i where water is at a premium we moved to Oregon where we continue our conservation efforts and installed our first Envirolet. To say we are happy is the understatement of the century! Our daughter in law was hesitant at first and now after using her Envirolet for a few weeks swears she will never go back to a traditional toilet. “They waste so much water and are such a pain to clean!”

My husband and I will never build a home without using Envirolet technology again. From your prompt delivery to outstanding setup directions and superb product line you are truly a “one stop shop.” We are in the process of getting some digital photos to send (we aren’t done with the rest of the bathroom yet and want to wait till the walls are done!). In the meantime I wanted to say thanks so much for such a great all around product that fits so well with our ecological mindset.”

Gail H. and family

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