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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Envirolet Obvious Choice vs. $12,000 Septic System

Customer Saves $12,000 with Envirolet!

Mike in Ohio sent some nice comments and a photo to Buzz of his Envirolet DC12 (12v) composting toilet system. With an Envirolet, Mike was able to avoid the $12,000 price tag for a new septic tank system at his cottage.

“Our choice was either a $12,000 septic system at our cottage or a composting toilet. The composting toilet won hands down. I was skeptical at first with this type of system, but the great people at Envirolet helped me with every one of them. The toilet in now enclosed in the 6’ x 6’ room and as advertised there is no smell and it works flawlessly.

Thanks a million (or $12,000).”

Thank you
Mike P.

Envirolet Composting Toilet in Ohio

Thanks, Mike! We appreciate your comments.

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