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Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Buyers at Cottage Life Show

We love hearing feedback. We especially love hearing it so soon! Richard and Judy attended the Spring Cottage Life Show (previous post) this past weekend and ended up taking home a new Envirolet MS10 composting toilet system (go to envirolet.ca in Canada)! And, I was lucky enough to be the one who was able to help them out at the show.

“Just a short note to say how pleased we were in our visit and search at the Cottage Life Show on Friday and to Scott Smith for the professional care and attention he gave us regarding information on the Envirolet systems – namely the MS10 unit.

Our intentions were to thoroughly investigate the different products at the show, do our comparisons and perhaps decide on a purchase. After reviewing and comparing products and companies, we felt very comfortable about buying an Envirolet system from Scott. We appreciate Scott looking after our questions and needs. We will certainly recommend Scott and your company to others. We look forward to hearing from you in the next few days regarding available time for pickup. Thank you.”

Judy and Richard S.
Oakville , Ontario

cottage life show

Thanks for the comments! I love working shows to meet some of our customers in person because so much of what I do is virtual these days. Show are also great because we like customers to see and compare the quality and technology, in person, the various systems out there. Head-to-head, Envirolet always come out on top.

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