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Thursday, April 5, 2007

48 Years of Outhouse Trips Now Over!

“We absolutely love the system”

Dennis sent great comments about his Envirolet MS10 composting toilet system installed at his camp in Maine. Envirolet has saved them from anymore trips to the outhouse!

“Dear Envirolet,

Here is a picture of the installation I did at our cottage two years ago. I had very little room for a toilet and as you can see; your unit fit the situation to a “T”.

For 48 years we ran to an outhouse no matter what time of year we were at the camp, but not anymore. We absolutely love the system, especially the ladies. It’s easy to maintain even in the small space I had to put it. It saved us thousands of dollars that would have been needed for a flush type toilet with a pumping station, tank, & filter bed.

Your product is the best and I’ve told numerous other people about it. It certainly beats having to run to an outhouse and the lack of odor is a big plus!

Keep up the good work.”

Dennis S.

Envirolet MS10 in Maine

Thanks, Dennis! We appreciate it. And, please do tell people about it! If any of them buy we will give you both a $50 referral fee!

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