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Monday, April 23, 2007

Selected Envirolet Over the Competitors; Happy with Decision

Envirolet Recommened by Envirolet User

Thanks to Nick in Ontario (on Lake Superior near Sault Ste. Marie) for sending in his comments and great photos of his Envirolet MS10 installation.

“We purchased and installed our Envirolet Multi System 10/3 (110 volts & 3” vent) in July 2002. It’s been a welcome addition to our cottage. Since we purchased the cottage in 1990, we’ve had hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing; but no indoor toilet. (No septic system.) Two considerations prompted us to purchase the Envirolet over the competitor’s toilet:

1. A recommendation from another user, and

2. Space restrictions - it fit perfectly between our tub and vanity.

I clean out the Envirolet toilet each winter and begin each spring with a fresh “starter kit.”

The only problem we’ve had with the toilet is a failed exhaust fan. I replaced it with one that I received free, covered under the 4-year warranty. Failure of the fan was partially my fault. When I installed the vent pipe, the outside portion was insulated but I did not insulate the pipe in the cottage or the attic. Cold weather caused condensation of moisture inside the pipe. The condensation ran down the pipe and directly onto the fan. I now have the whole vent pipe well insulated.*

All in all, we’re happy with the toilet. Although we’ve never tried the competitors, I can’t imagine it being better in any way.”

Nick P.



* This is an uncommon problem, but can occur as it did in Nick’s case, if you have condensation running down your vent pipe. It is always recommended to add insulation to your venting.

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