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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Since April 2005 we have owned the 110 Waterless Remote and couldn't be happier."

Heather in Pennsylvania sent us in some photos and great comments about the Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System installed at the family cottage.

“Our cottage has been in our family since 1917 (due to flooding, we are actually in our fourth cottage on this site). The outhouse was the only thing that never changed until lost to the last flood. Since then, there have been new regulations in our area, including no new sewer or septic (including outhouses).

My dad actually did the research that discovered the Envirolet toilet. Since April 2005 we have owned the 110 Waterless Remote and couldn’t be happier. We were familiar with this “technology” from local tourist sites that are also in green areas and use composting toilets.

Specific to Envirolet, both pre- and post-purchase service reps are excellent and very helpful. The system works great without any noticeable odor. It is easy to keep clean in the bathroom and easy to clean out in the spring. Aesthetically, the choices are great for any decor. Environmentally, we can feel part of the solution with its use. It’s all good! Thanks so much.”

Heather L.






Thanks, Heather! We appreciate it. Send us your comments and photos to go up on Buzz!