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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Envirolet DC12 Helps Couple Live a Sustainable Life in Wisconsin

Do we ever have great customers! A big thanks to Rob & Denise of Wisconsin for sending in photos and a testimonial about their Envirolet DC12 composting toilet system! The Envirolet DC12 is waterless and 12v.


My wife Denise and I made a life changing leap from the city to a sustainable community farm this Spring. Our new companion in this adventure, our Envirolet Self-Contained Waterless 12v system was about the first of our possession to be delivered to the farm lasts December. (See Photo 1, with Denise and friend Mark celebrating the Envirolet arrival).

Now we have moved in to our mobile trailer “mansion” and our Envirolet fit the mini-bathroom with a quarter inch to spare! (Photo 2 - Installation). If we work our grey water system out, our Envirolet gives us the option to forgo a septic system expense.

In the move we miss-placed the Premixed Starter Kit and Compost Accelerator. I got some old Envirolet Accelerator from a friend (and another satisfied owner), but it may be a few years old. Does this stuff have a limited shelf life??<br />
Between all the chores and just finding our place in the great countryside of Wisconsin we may not have much time check in with the “Buzz”, wish us luck.

If you use our little testimonial we would appreciate receiving the free Premix Starter Kit - Thanks!”

Best regards,

Rob, Denise & Tweed (Photo 3 - at Home)

Envirolet DC12 Wisconsin

Envirolet DC12 Wisconsin

Envirolet DC12 Wisconsin

Thanks, Rob & Denise! We appreciate the time it took to send us these comments and photos.

Please send us your Envirolet photos and comments to post on Buzz and we will send you some free accessories too!