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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Envirolet in NC: "Thank you for your good design and proven performance."

Bob sent in some excellent photos and comments about his Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System installed in North Carolina!

Envirolet WRS in NC

“Over 10 years ago we hacked our way into the woods and built a small cabin in the hills of North Carolina.

Car topped with the materials on the narrow 2-track road and built the shelter. But with no “building permit,” we had no power nor running water. The wood stove allows year around visitations to the cabin, and we began to notice the discomfort with an outdoor privy. So many years ago (I don’t remember when), we did the research and ordered the “waterless, remote, non-electric” Envirolet System.

The whole thing came by UPS. That was a big plus. And with a bit of large-hole cutting into the floor and into the roof, I was able to install the whole system in just a couple of days of effort. I put as tall a vent stack as I could in order to function in the middle of the woods on a hillside. Winds are variable, and I knew I would need whatever draft I could encourage. In the wintertime, we did learn that our wood stove was an air draft hog which could reverse the normal through-the-system air flow set up by the tall stack. That was solved by cutting a permanent, always open, hole in the floor near the intake of the wood stove. No vent plate needed there. Just an underfloor screen across the hole to discourage varmint intrusion.

The attached photos show the cabin, the vent stack, the underfloor tank, and the inside fixture. We did have one interesting happening. One the underfloor unit, we found the mounted hatch cover partially eaten one time. That was patched with plastic, and it was eaten again. So a new hatch cover was made from ABS plastic sheeting I happened to have and it has remained intact. As best we can figure, the culprit was a squirrel. And we have no clue as to what the motive was.

We are pleased with our system, and it makes the rustic cabin much more civil during cold or wet weather. In fact, soon we will be moving full time to the cabin with confidence in our existing infrastructure as we prepare another site on the land for a new retirement residence. Thank you for your good design and proven performance.

We hope you can use the attached photos with their descriptive titles along with the above testimonial.

We will be making an order for some maintenance materials including the 2-stage pre-sediment filter kit and probably a new filter tray. We look forward to getting a Premix starter kit from this special.”

Bob L.

Envirolet WRS in NC

Envirolet WRS in NC

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Envirolet WRS in NC

Envirolet WRS in NC

Envirolet WRS in NC