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Monday, July 23, 2007

Envirolet in Hawaii: "We like it so much we hope it will become a long term toilet solution for our eco-village!"

Posted by Scott

Thanks to Anitra in Hawaii for sending us some great photos and comments about her Envirolet Basic Plus composting toilet system!

Envirolet in Hawaii

“Aloha Envirolet!

We were able to easily get our Envirolet toilet up and running and even built a cute little outdoor cottage for it! It enabled us to quickly have a toilet solution while building an Eco-Village off the grid. We like it so much we hope it will become a long term toilet solution for our eco-village!”

Anitra P.

Envirolet in Hawaii

Envirolet in Hawaii

Thanks, Anitra! We truly appreciate it!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hot or Not? You be the Judge...

Posted by Scott

There is a survey being conducted over on Apartment Therapy as to whether our Envirolet Waterless Toilet in Hot Pink is hot or not.

We, of course, think it is Hot! But, to each is own because the Not’s are winning so far… most would prefer a matching colour seat. Good idea. And, we do have the same item in white or beige for the less adventurous!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Envirolet in The Clean Hub in New Orleans

Posted by Scott

Here is an early photo of the Envirolet DC12 (12v) composting toilet system in The Clean Hub (pre-fab housing made from a recycled shipping container) in New Orleans.

If you look (really) close you can see the Wind Turbine ventilator on the roof. Look at the image on flickr for a better view.

More photos to come!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Green Lifestyle

Envirolet Makes Biothinking's Top 40

Posted by Scott

Treehugger has a post about Biothinking’s Top 40.

Treehugger calls it a list of the “World’s top 40 greenest products.”

We agree and really like this list — especially because Envirolet composting toilets are on it!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Add Envirolet Gadget to your iGoogle Page

Posted by Scott

If you use Gmail or Google at all then there is a good chance that you also use iGoogle, the personalized start page for Google account holders.

Now, you can add the Envirolet composting toilets video gadget to your iGoogle page! Click here to add it to your iGoogle start page.

This is our first gadget and is a work-in-progress but we expect to have more gadgets soon!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Why Envirolet is Better...

Posted by Scott

Are you comparing Envirolet to other systems out there? If you’re not yet convinced, use this chart to see why Envirolet by Sancor is the best composting toilet system available today. There are other good composting toilets out there, but Envirolet offers the most features and advantages.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your Advantage

Other Systems

Performance Envirolet® offers more than double the capacity of some manual drum-type systems. Is turning a manual drum necessary? Read more here. Less capacity
Material Envirolet® Systems (like some modern vehicles) utilize durable, heavy duty polymer construction, rated up to 200 years life expectancy. Compare. Our plastic is odor-free, unlike fiberglass.
Number of systems in product line Envirolet® offers just the right amount of systems to choose from:
Waterless All-in-One:
Basic Plus, DC12, MS10
Waterless & Low Water Remote:
Vacuum Flush:
VF 300A, VF 300B, VF 300S, VF 700A, VF 700B
Some have so many systems it is impossible to tell the difference from model to model!
Manufacturing Sancor™ manufactures Envirolet® composting toilets systems. Ask others who actually makes their products.
Product Knowledge & Experience Sancor™ manufactures & sells Envirolet® Systems direct. This means we know our own products and are ready to answer questions and supply components if needed. Most others sell through a dealer network who are not as familar with their products.
Buying from Sancor™ is Easy Envirolet® brand can be purchased securely online 24 hrs. a day, toll-free by telephone, fax or mail. Sancor™ offers the most choice.
Warranty Envirolet® provides a Lifetime Warranty on the body and a 5-Year Warranty on all internal components. Compare. Envirolet® has the longest warranty available!
Shipping or Delivery Envirolet® provides low cost delivery. You save up to $50.00 or more. S&H is $99 by DHL® or equivalent courier to continental USA. Find out your actual delivery cost, some ship COD. Don’t be surprised with extra charges!
Certified by CSA® International to ANSI/NSF® Standard 41-98 Only Envirolet® is certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Check if other systems are currently certified/listed with testing agencies.
Average rated capacity tested to ANSI/NSF® Standard 41-98 Envirolet® tested with an average rated capacity of 18 uses per day on a continuous basis. Other systems rated at half the capacity
Plumbing & Electrical Envirolet® Systems are CSA® Plumbing and CSA® Electrical approved. Check if others are.
Customer service support Envirolet® offers toll-free 1-800 real-person customer support and email help.

Contact us today:
USA 1-800-387-5126
Canada 1-800-387-5245
???. Some offer toll-free 1-800 numbers for catalog requests only, not for questions - this means you have to pay to ask questions!
Patented technology Only Envirolet® offers 6-Way Automatic Aeration™. Not available in other systems
Added Value & Performance Dual Fans in 12VDC or 120VAC models Not available in other systems. Others have only 1 fan maximum.
You decide the color! Color choices available! Depending on the model, you can get white, green, sandlewood, black, cream, green granite, grey granite, sandstone granite, and more! No choice with other Systems!
System Control Options Fans & Heater Control Switches Not available in other systems.
Easier Operation Optional Remote Switch Not available in other systems.
Clean, sanitary & easy to access electrical components Removable Works-in-a-Drawer™ Power Module away from waste material Not available in other systems.
Envirolet® exclusive feature Built-in Mulcherator & Rake Bar Not available in other systems.
Envirolet® exclusive feature 4” Wind Turbine Not available with other systems.
Envirolet® exclusive feature Removable Toilet Bowl Not available on some systems.
Envirolet® exclusive feature Manual Bowl Trap that Opens and Closes
(The Manual Trap is ideal for men standing vs. “automatic trap” that requires sitting to operate/open.)
Not available on some systems.
$$$ Saving Costly “bowl liners” are not required for each use. Incinerating and burning toilets require costly paper bowl liners for each toilet use.

Taken from our Compare section.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Your toilet proved to be the best."

Posted by Scott

Pat and Barry sent us in some great comments about their Envirolet Composting Toilet System.

“We have a cottage on the Pickeral River which is just north of Parry Sound. We do not have electricity and most of the terrain is rocks.

Two years ago we went to a Cottage show and found your company there. We spent the winter thinking about which one we should buy, but your toilet proved to be the best.

It was very simple to install, and we are now into our second season and found that the maintenance is much easier then we thought. The first time we cleaned it out, we put gloves on and held our breath until we realized that everything had turned to a rich compost and there was no odour.

We are part of a club on the Pickeral River and we tell everyone who is considering buying a composting toilet to come and look at ours.

Thanks for making our summer holidays more pleasant and ‘odor free.’”

Pat and Barry C.

Thanks for the comments, we appreciate it!

Send your comments to us to post on Buzz.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Envirolet DC12 Step-By-Step Installation

Posted by Scott

We have just added some great photos of an Envirolet DC12 system installation.

The photo set is arranged in order.

The Envirolet DC12 is a 12VDC waterless composting toilet system. It features two fans and a wind turbine ventilator.

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