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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

"Your toilet proved to be the best."

Pat and Barry sent us in some great comments about their Envirolet Composting Toilet System.

“We have a cottage on the Pickeral River which is just north of Parry Sound. We do not have electricity and most of the terrain is rocks.

Two years ago we went to a Cottage show and found your company there. We spent the winter thinking about which one we should buy, but your toilet proved to be the best.

It was very simple to install, and we are now into our second season and found that the maintenance is much easier then we thought. The first time we cleaned it out, we put gloves on and held our breath until we realized that everything had turned to a rich compost and there was no odour.

We are part of a club on the Pickeral River and we tell everyone who is considering buying a composting toilet to come and look at ours.

Thanks for making our summer holidays more pleasant and ‘odor free.’”

Pat and Barry C.

Thanks for the comments, we appreciate it!

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