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Monday, August 20, 2007

Envirolet MS10 in Saskatchewan Cottage

Thanks to Ron for sending in his Envirolet MS10 composting toilet system comments about his Saskatchewan cottage installation.

Ron writes:


We were excited to find one of your MS10 compost toilet to install at our lake cottage. We were hesitant to invest in a septic tank system at our leased lot cottage and had been considering a compost toilet for some time.

Our cottage is small and the semi-detached bathroom about as small as it could possibly be. Installation actually required building a small extension on the bathroom to house the rear part of the MS10 and take the vent pipe outside.

Our next step will likely be considering installation of a turbo fan or wind turbine vent cap. We may consider installing batteries and solar panels to reduce electrical useage when we are not at the cottage.”

Regina, SK





Thanks, Ron. We truly appreciate your time to send your comments and photos. Please send us your Envirolet comments and photos!