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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Envirolet Basic Plus in Ohio: "Thank you for an outstanding product."

Thanks to Gary in Ohio for sending some nice photos and comments about their Envirolet Basic Plus composting toilet system (waterless non-electric all-in-one). Their Envirolet replaced an aging outhouse.


You were requesting some pictures of our Envirolet. We installed the system with breeze in our cabin in Michigan. We are in the Huron National Forest and getting a septic system was out of the question. We heard of Envirolet on the internet and was ordering the system the next day. We are so please to let you know it definitely comes in handy. We do have an outhouse that is centuries old and now we prefer the Envirolet System. Thank you for an outstanding product. “

Gary K.

Basic Plus in Ohio

Basic Plus in Ohio

Thanks, again! We appreciate it. Send us your Envirolet photos and comments!