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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Envirolet in Colorado: "Thank you for a great lifestyle product!"

We truly have some great customers! We want to thank Ming in Colorado for taking the time to send us her comments and for creating a wonderful montage of photos to show what she calls her Envirolet Lifestyle!

We’re glad that Ming went with Envirolet after researching all the others out there! Compare for yourself and you will too!

Ming went with an Envirolet DC12 (12v) waterless composting toilet system.

I researched every composting toilet I could find on the web and was certain I wanted the waterless electric Envirolet for our summer property in Colorado. The only thing I may change is to run it off solar panels.

I love everything about our Envirolet. It fits in perfectly with our free-living outdoor lifestyle and our aspiration to be more independent and self-sustaining as well as more earth-friendly.

I could probably write a small book about the virtues of our Envirolet, but mostly I tell anyone who expresses even remote interest in our composting toilet.

It was easy to install and even easier to use. I especially like the fan and think that all toilets should have a fan that pulls the air away from one’s body. It feels so much cleaner than regular flush toilets. Our waterless one is completely odor free. The fan inside the toilet makes so much more sense than having the fan in the room where it is less effective.

I look forward to installing more Envirolet products as we continue to build out our property.

Thank you for a great lifestyle product!

Please see the the photo montage I crafted to show our Envirolet lifestyle.

(Both JPG and PDF files attached.)

I would love to get a coupon for Accelerator. I ordered some today anyway since it’s something I need regularly.”

Ming C.

Envirolet in Colorado

Click on image for larger view or look at the PDF version.

Thanks again, Ming. We appreciate the time it took to create this. And, we want to hear from you too. Send us your Envirolet comments and testimonial for us to post on Buzz and we will send you some free accessories!