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Friday, September 14, 2007

Envirolet WRS in Ontario: "Works like a charm."

Norinne in Ontario sent us some great comments and photos about her Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System that is installed at her cottage.

“We purchased our waterless remote system when we were building our loft above the garage at our Ontario cottage. We were too far away from the main cottage to use the septic tank and we also wanted to use the loft in the winter months.

Our cottage is not winterized, so when planning the loft we found your waterless system to be the perfect answer. It was installed with the remote system underneath the bathroom in the garage, nicely tucked away. The bathroom looks like a “normal” bathroom, which was our goal.

It was installed easily and works a charm. There is absolutely no odour and the annual cleaning has not been a problem - speaking as a rather squeamish sort!”

Norinne C.

Envirolet WRS in Ontario

Envirolet WRS in Ontario

Thanks, Norinne! We really appreciate it!

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