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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Envirolet in Muskoka (Ontario): "It's my favourite room in the place!"

Thanks to Lori for sending in her testimonial and some wonderful photos of her Envirolet Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System in the Muskoka. You will notice that Lori’s waterless toilet is a little different than new systems today because it is about seven years old.

“Hi, here are pictures of the bathroom at our cottage in Muskoka. We are on a steep rock face and the price of a septic system when we bought the place in 1999 was upwards of $15,000.00. The Envirolet Waterless Remote System has been great and is a source of fascination for our friends. Two years ago, we renovated the third bedroom into a bathroom and hauled an antique cast iron claw-foot tub up the hill.

It’s my favourite room in the place!






Thanks, Lori! We appreciate it. Send us your Envirolet story to post on Buzz and we’ll send you some free accessories!